Our Story - Who is BACD?

We are Bay Area Creative Dancers - a non-profit organization formed by individuals passionate about traditional, classical and contemporary dance and dedicated to passing on the love for this art form to generations to come. The essence of we are and what we stand for is best captured by the initials of our organization.

B for Bridge. By fusing the most beautiful elements of traditional Indian dance with the dynamism of modern forms, we hope to bridge geographies, generations, and genders while breaking boundaries that hold us back as a civilization.

A for Alive. Our mission is to introduce customs and intricacies of Indian dance to new audiences and devotees in order to keep our culture and traditions alive. The deeper we immerse ourselves, the more we discover about each other and everything that unite us.

C for Cherish. We cherish all forms of dance both classical and modern as enjoyed by people and cultures all over the world. We partner with dancers from various Indian and international backgrounds and cherish how dance unites people while creating wonderful legacies and memories.

D for Dance. Dance is an ancient art form practiced from the earliest moments of the human experience. The reverence we have for this art form is what keeps us dedicated to ensuring that it remains integral to what it means to be a human being, forever.

BACD is a volunteer organization and was created by its artistic director Dalia Sen to foster the love of dance.

Dalia Sen leads the Bay area creative dancers. Well known in the arena of performing arts her choreography blends traditional Indian dances with contemporary dance forms, Dalia continues to learn various dance forms from Indian and International Gurus. This exposure leaves its mark on Dalia's visualization and unique compositions.

Her Credits include Art director and Choreography of NABC 2009 , NABC 2012, NABC 2017 . She also was the dance director for Enacte production Chitra.

As past cultural director of Bay Area Prabasi she has organized many productions for them. Kalamahotsav 2014 and 2015 in Collaboration with the Counsel General of India also speaks of her immense capability.

Her visualization and direction of the opening ceremony for Indian Prime minister Honorable Narendra Modi during his Bay Area visit in Sept 2015 made her a household name in the Indian diaspora.