Our First Production - Raabdta in Bay Area, California

The discovery of an unknown yet strong connection. With home... With homeland... Of Nostalgic traditions and Kaleidoscopic Culture. Based on a true story, epitomized through an odyssey of Bhava, Mudra and RaS.

6 months of hard work made Bay Area Creative Dance Academy's launch production a big success. We are very happy to be able to deliver what we promised. A high production value show that will make you leave the auditorium with a smile and feeling of fulfillment. We are humbled and indebted to all the support we have received from individuals, sponsors in form of booth, banner and food trucks.

Opening Ceremony - NABC 2017 in Bay Area, California

Dalia Sen led Bay Areas effort on a larger than life opening ceremony for NABC 2017. Bay Area Invited Debojyoti Mishra to direct a tale of hundred years of pioneering cinema. Dalia partnered with Milly Roy and Surajit Sengupta to bring bay Areas dream to fruitation.

She led a team of singers , dancers and actors with the team of Subhen Khatua, Ranjita Ckakroborthy, Ballori Sengupta, Anuradha Mookerjee, Poushali Banerjee to make this a grand success.She partnered with other states and Invited renowned choreographers Tanushree shankar and Sudarshan Chakroborthy helped her chorea the many facets of the show. She led a team of 125 plus actors , dancers and singers to make this a grand event.